Take the full advantage of gurucl’s integrated e-patasala, the flip class! Don’t worry! You neither need to download nor install any special software on your system.

You simply browse through to create classrooms according to your course schedules and assign virtual classroom to your students. The e-patasala works fine with your pc, laptop or tab. It works for you across almost all frequently used browsers and any operating system. Enjoy teaching or learning through fully integrated chat, audio, video and whiteboard tools. That’s not all. Upload files and present it to the students as if you are presenting in a real world classroom.

Enjoy switching easily between different layouts as per your tutoring needs on the go! You can bring any of the Whiteboard, Audio, Video and Chat screens to the front and switch back to normal mode where all windows simultaneously exist. You can shift to webinar mode when you do not need to see the response from attendees very often. When face to face interactions take high importance you can opt for video chat mode. The lecture assistant mode will help you present the content well and not the video. You can switch to any other mode on the go from the ten different layouts provided for you.


We understand how difficult is it for you to find a home tutor or a home-work helper for a student growing at your home. When it comes to continuation of home-tutoring support you may be finding it even harder. comes to your rescue!

You will never find a personal tutor search easier than this! Find a home tutor with our Easy Gets tool.

Many a times you may be looking for a one-one tutoring support for your child at your home where online-tutoring support is neither suitable nor applicable. Considering almost all practical hurdles that may interrupt a home tuition, has designed an intelligent geo map search to find the most suitable tutors who may be available within the least possible radial distance from your home.

Gurucl’s Easy Gets (Geo Tutor Search) Tool helps you locate a suitable home tutor who can come home and teach your child or a student from nearest possible distances. This avoids all the possible interruptions of a home tuition gets halted or broken due to travelling from distant places. A tutor from a far place may not be able to meet the scheduled visits which may disturb the study cycle of a student. Hence depending on your child’s education needs and learning location simply drag the radius line on our Easy Gets tool with a radius of your choice from your home learning location as centre of the circle.


Doesn’t matter what kind of a learner are you! And from where you are on this planet! Search by any Subject, any Medium, any Board, any Age Group, any Standard, any Specialisation or any combination of all of them from KG to PG and beyond. Yes, you can search for tutors beyond regular education courses too.

Find tutors for any form of Dance and Music that is of your interest OR find a Recipe guru or Yoga guru. Gurucl’s tutor search engine provides you a wide range of options to find a tutor of your choice. It fetches relevant tutor profiles according to your learning needs from the available data store. This saves a lot of your valuable time.

Choose any subject, any time from any where. It is all at your convenience and at your pace. An online tutor may be willing to teach one – one (or) one – many mode. You are free to select a personal tutor you like who can understand your learning capabilities and support you in your studies.


Schedule courses at your convenience and post course calendars. Each educator can fix one or more schedules for a particular course that he/she can offer. You can also keep the schedule open so that to allow a student to approach you with his/her learning schedules and frequencies. We have designed a highly sensitive scheduling system that responds to your complex time slots. You can repeat a session on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis while opting for any number of tutoring and non-tutoring days or any number of intervals between two or more lessons. You can also view or post all the schedules created you in either list view or in calendar view.


A tutor can opt whether to make his/her profile public or not. The public profile of a tutor will be helpful in getting more tuition enquiries and hence more tutoring assignments. As your public profile displays all your tutoring interests and abilities along with your qualifications you will be receiving only quality responses.

The public profile of a tutor will not provide or display any contact information to the users. You will be receiving enquiry messages into your gurucl account inbox from where you can respond back to the relevant queries which may get you into a tuition agreement with a student or parent or tuition seeker.


For students below 18 years of age parents or guardians shall authorise every bit from creation of the student login, choosing a tutor, acceptance of the tuition, demo class from a tutor and till making payments. This is to ensure optimal safety and security for your child while ensuring that he/she goes with the right and optimum tutoring resources or tutors and learning options. Hopefully all the students above 18 years of age may be able to choose the right options for themselves. Further, gurucl would like to suggest all the students should invite their parents to have a page on or parents should insist to have their page on to ensure availing future facilities on


We consider teaching as the most respectable profession in the universe. Many tutoring agencies fix a fees for your services. believes in open fees system where tutors can fix tuition fees for themselves. You are the best judge to measure your tutoring abilities and set a fees that you wish to charge from the students for a particular course in a scheduled span of time and frequency. This also gives you a freedom to edit your fees dynamically adjusting to various seasons or based on the number of seats offered by you.